Montrose Harbor, March 22

20150322-mallard-female 20150322-red-breasted-merganser1 20150322-red-breasted-merganser2 20150322-red-breasted-merganser3 20150322-red-breasted-merganser4 20150322-red-breasted-merganser-and-greater-scaup 20150322-red-breasted-merganser-and-greater-scaup2

American Crows
Gulls (Ring-billed and ???)
Mallards (5 male, 3 female)
Red-breasted Merganser (20+)
Greater Scaup (80% confidence, 10)
Horned Grebe (6)
Pair of Cardinals
Hawk (?? – young? had wide wings, rounded at end, medium-sized, mostly brown with white under, speckled chest chased by many blackbirds and a gull.)


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