Montrose Point, 17 April 2016

10:00 – 11:40am
Conditions: Warm ~ 58° F, sunny, no breeze

Got to the hedge and heard reports of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and a Yellow-rumped Warbler. I did get to spot both varieties before I had to retire from back pain. There were many Eastern Towhees, Brown Thrashers, Northern Flickers, and Hermit Thrushes. A very good day – I recorded 27 species at the hedge.

Here is the eBird checklist.

Others helped me identify the Ruby-crowned Kinglets which were not showing off their colors. The White-throated Sparrows are a nice bird, with the bright yellow between the eye and beak. Fox Sparrows were still around though I only managed to see two. The Cooper’s Hawk made an appearance and did not stick around long enough for me to get any good photos.

Eastern Towhee
Eastern Towhee. We saw some of these a few weeks ago too. They were a lot of them out today. All males.
WInter Wren
WInter Wren.
Hermit Thrush
Hermit Thrush. One of a group of four.
Hermit Thrush
Hermit Thrush. Same bird flew up into a low branch and looked at me for a while.