Montrose Point, April 7-8, 2017

The 7th was cool and windy. The 8th was quite warm and windy.

Today, the 8th, we saw two blue-gray gnatcatchers and a yellow-bellied sapsucker. Those were many flickers in the field and several cormorants flying overhead. In the harbor were Red-breasted Mergansers, American Coots, Lesser Scaups, Horned Grebes, in addition to the typical gulls, Canada Geese, and mallards. There were swallows overhead – at the harbor, I don’t know what kind – nearer the lake were possibly Tree Swallows.

April 7th photos

Cooper's Hawk
Cooper’s Hawk. My wife and son were there earlier and saw this hawk. (Photo: my wife.)
Song Sparrow
Song Sparrow (I think). (Photo: my son)
European Goldfinch
The European Goldfinch was back. Did not make a peep as it fed.
The Winter Wren entered an opening on the bottom of a tree. It was pretty cooperative.

April 8th photos. My wife was on camera duty today.

Eastern Phoebe
Eastern Phoebe (Photo: my wife.)
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler.(Photo: my wife.)
Hermit Thrush
Hermit Thrush (Photo: my wife.)
Horned Grebe
A young (?) male Horned Grebe. (Photo: my wife.)

Montrose Point, 31 March and 1 April, 2016

Two days of short visits.
March 31:
Apr 1:

It was overcast and pretty dark on the 31st when we saw our first Eastern Phoebe of the year. On April 1, we got out as it started to rain, but not before getting some good pictures of the Cooper’s Hawk that was overlooking the South-West corner of the hedge.

Eastern Phoebe
The Eastern Phoebe was moving about a lot and bobbing its tail. No good picture. March 31.
Eastern Phoebe
Fuzzy picture of the Eastern Phoebe. March 31.
Cooper's Hawk
This is an adult Cooper’s Hawk. The Cooper’s Hawk we saw on March 20th was an immature one. April 1.
Cooper's Hawk
The hawk stayed in the tree, about 3/4 the way up, until is started sprinkling. It then seemed to notice something with great interest and flew off north into the hedge. April 1.
Cooper's Hawk
Cooper’s Hawk, April 1.
Cooper's Hawk facing view
The hawk was looking right back at us.

Montrose Point, 2016 March 20

List here:

The highlights were the Ring-necked Duck and the Cooper’s Hawk. The Cooper’s Hawk – we think that is what it is – is an immature one. If you look at the photos of Cooper’s Hawks at All About Birds, they vary a lot.

Cooper's Hawk
An immature Cooper’s Hawk
Cooper's Hawk
Back of the Cooper’s Hawk.
Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck. A group of three of them were resting in the harbour at Montrose.
Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck peaking
Ring-necked Duck
I like the colors on this picture of the Ring-necked Duck.