Montrose Point, May 3

The prize bird today was an Eastern Whip-poor-will. It was very hard to pick out, even knowing approx. where to look. It did not move at all the several minutes we were there. Others had set up shop with large lenses to see if they could catch it moving or doing something other than making like a log.

Eastern Whip-poor-will in profile
Eastern Whip-poor-will in profile.
Eastern Whip-poor-will close-up 3/4 profile.
Eastern Whip-poor-will 3/4 on. The blur in front is a branch. The colors in the image pop more than in person; much harder to see against the log.
Eastern Whip-Poor-Will among the branches
The Eastern Whip-Poor-Will in context.
White-crowned Sparrow.
White-crowned Sparrows were out in force. It was popping its head up, but I just missed with the zoom too far in.
Northern Cardinal
Northern Cardinal

Conditions: Overcast, still, humid, 78°, light sprinkles, 2:15 – 3:00pm

Eastern Whip-poor-will (1)
B-c Chickadee (5)
Robins, House Sparrows, R-w Blackbirds, Grackles
White-crowned Sparrows (100s of them)
Northern Cardinals (3)
Yellow-rumped Warbler (2)
American Goldfinch (10)
Ruby-crowned Kinglet (4)
R-b Gulls
American Coot (1)
Purple Martins
Barn Swallows
Northern Rough-winged Swallows